Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well... yesterday was weigh-in day for me. I gained a pound. This always happens. Of all the times I have attempted to lose weight, I always, ALWAYS get stuck around 220-219. Once I start to get close to breaking that barrier, somehow I always sabotage myself. It would seem that since I've become aware of this problem, that I could overcome it.... but that's not happening. So once again, I got close... and now I've gained a pound.

I don't know what makes me do it. I'm struggling to stop that pattern. I'm trying not to let 1 pound be a big deal, to keep on pushing, to not give up like I always do.

It's a life long struggle, and that really sucks.


Anonymous said...

I am the same way I get stuck at 215 ish...What stops us?? I wish I knew, There is a reason though, something we are holding on to, have you ever thought about counceling? It might be far out there, but there can be a deeper reason for staying at that weight.

Lainey said...

I get stuck around 200, and I'm trying to put some distance between myself and 200 lbs right now.