Friday, July 3, 2009

Weigh-In Day!

Well.... It's weigh-in day! For the first time I was excited for it to get here. I lost 3 pounds this week! I can't believe it! Well, I worked really hard this week, so maybe I can believe it. I don't know if maybe last week I was just carrying around some water weight, or maybe it's all the bananas I've been eating (I've never really liked bananas but been trying to learn to eat them to help with all the sore muscles and stuff from exercising... which I've done 4 times this week so far!), or maybe it's because I've been really good about keeping my calories low and eating often to keep my metabolism up. Or maybe it's just a combination of all 3. No matter what caused it... I'll take it. This is the least I have weighed in 3 years!

I joined Amy's 15 Week Challenge. Unfortunately I signed up and sent her my weight before I had found out that I gained a pound last week. So for the 15 Week Challenge, I really only lost 2 pounds this week based on what I had told her was my starting weight. Still pretty awesome though.

This week was especially tough because of all the obstacles at work. There was a free ice cream social (and I gave my ticket for free ice cream away to a co-worker). There was a 4th of July potluck lunch. I made this cake for the lunch.

It was very well received by everyone. Then I got hounded to get some food. So I went and put some food on a plate (to appease my saboteurs) and then gave it to a co-worker as well. All in all, I think I did pretty great resisting the temptation.

I just really want to get past the "wall" that I always get stuck at. Technically I am past the 219-220 hump that I always start my self-sabotage around, but I won't consider myself truly past it until I reach at least 215 or so. I can hear the 100s calling my name. Only 18.4 pounds away.
Tomorrow is my 2nd 5K race of the year. I'm still a little scared. I know I still won't be able to run the whole thing. But I want to finish in under 45 minutes at least. I finished the last one in 46:48 . I'm still stuck on week 4 of my C25K. It just never seems to get much easier so I'm reluctant to move on to Week 5 but next week I'm hoping to give it a real shot. Tomorrow is also a 4th of July BBQ at the Boyfriends parents' house. Hopefully I can survive it without undoing all the hard work I've done this week... at least I'll get in 5K before all the unhealthy food comes looking for me.

That's all for now, kids. Have a fabulous weekend!


TJ said...

WTG on the 3 lbs GONE! :)

Cool cake! :)

jo said...

Congrats on the great loss!

I love your cake. Very cute.

I like your plan of action by taking food and then giving it away. lol

Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you'd make it into the two-teens this week! *high five*

That cake is awesome.

And way to handle yourself at the potluck. I'm filing away that little tip and will use it later this weekend.

Good luck on the 5K! You're running as I type this! Actually, you might be just crossing the finish line!