Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yesterday's Weigh-In and Clean Eating

First, I only lost .4 pounds this week. Boo! That puts me at 215.2, which means I didn't meet that goal of 215 by my birthday. Darn close though. Next week I'm really going to work hard and hopefully have a loss of over 2 pounds (at least that's what I'm hoping for). Though tonight may work against that goal as tonight is my birthday party. Me, the Boyfriend and 7 other friends are going to a comedy club across the river in Kentucky then we are going several bars/debaucherous (is that a word? It is now.) places. I'm sure some debaucherous behavior will ensue (such as me consuming empty calories in the form of birthday drinks, and hopefully no bad food!). Should be a fun time though. I got a new summer dress type thing to wear to the party (going shopping for shoes later today! Fun!). The best part was that I bought the dress from the REGULAR WOMEN'S SIDE OF THE STORE! Yay for me! That hasn't happened in quite some time. So, hopefully I'll feel like a hottie when I put it on, just knowing that it came from the regular side of the store. That fact is enough to put some major pep in my step.

Yesterday, I attempted Amy's challenge of the week... eating clean for one day. Before I show you what I ate, I would just like to say: Man, it's hard to eat clean. It's more expensive, less convenient, and so far I see less variety. I'm not knocking it... if you can do it, more power to you for not having all those chemicals in your body. However, I would like to say that lately I am getting a little fed up with people who are taking a "holier than thou" approach to those of us that do eat processed foods. I know that some of the things I eat are bad for me... too much sodium, or too processed, but it's not like those are the only things I eat. Most days I definitely get in my 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables and I don't see the shame in eating a Lean Cuisine for lunch at work every now and then. So.... bite me! (yes, I'm a little sassy this morning.) I try to eat healthy and I'm eating much healthier than I ever have. So, why don't other people just stick to minding their own food and stop judging others who may be doing the best they can. I hate people sometimes.

Anyway... it was cool to try eating completely clean for a day. I can say that I won't be doing it everyday. I'm not a Rockefeller and can't afford to pass up on some cheap processed stuff sometimes. I also am a very busy woman most of the time and like to have some convenience food every now and then (Lean Cuisines, sandwiches with processed bread, etc.).
For breakfast I had my very first Green Monster.

Despite that I keep seeing other people in blogland having these, I was still skeptical of the taste. But it was fantastic. Mine looked more brown than green with yesterday's ingredients.

For lunch I had an almost exact repeat of last nights salad (minus the Morning Star veggie cake, added some mushrooms and zucchini) and I forgot to take a picture of it. Bah!

For dinner I decided to make stuffed peppers. They were fabulous! In mind I had ground turkey, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, onions, and a tiny bit of cheese on top. Served with brown rice.

All in all... I had some pretty tasty food yesterday. I will definitely be making those peppers again.

Today I am going to the gym, going shopping, and clean up the apartment a little bit.... then my birthday extravaganza starts. Yippee!!!

Have a great weekend!


TJ said...

all of those .4's will add up! I know its a bummer to not see a bigger loss- keep up the good work! Yippee to chopping in the regular department for your dress! I cried at the store when I was able to do that!! Good for you!!! :)

TJ said...

uumm not chopping- SHOPPING!! lol oopps next time I need to drink more coffee before I try to comment early in the AM :) hehe

andrea. said...

I totally hear you on the clean eating thing! I wrote a post the other day about how I can't stand that phrase, because it seems so smug and 'holier than thou'! Blech.

That said, your eats look delish! It's all about balance, isn't it? Lots of room for 'clean' eating but room for other stuff too. Hello, this is real life. :)

sarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy your dinner and remember you ARE a hottie not matter what!!

Eating clean is hard!! I said the same thing. But I enjoyed doing it and want to try harder to do that more. I saw an amazing loss this week and wonder if one day of eating clean helped? Who knows.

Who cares what others think of what you eat. I have some nosey ass people at my work and they question EVERYTHING I eat. I love having my Green Monster every morning so they can gawk at it's wonderfulness. Ha ha.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the weight loss and hooray for a green monster! :)

Happy belated birthday and have a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Shopping on the "other side" I cant wait to be there!

jo said...

Congrats on your loss! I'd say you're close enough to say goal met. What's .2, you know?

Congrats on shopping in the regular side. How cool is that.

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey chickie!

Awesome birthday wishes to you and don't sweat the "clean eating". It's a personal choice and, like you, I HATE it when people criticize my food choices.

I have found that I feel better when I eat whole foods. But then again, sometimes nothing will satisfy me except a plate of ribs and all the saturated fat I can find!

Focus on you. Screw the others. If they aren't supporting you, they aren't helping.

We support you. We'll help.