Monday, July 27, 2009

At least they are good for my soul....

Now, these may not be necessarily good for my body, but they were good for my soul. I was feeling a little down today so I tried to keep myself busy. Keeping myself busy took the form of baking. I totally heart baking. I'd never made scones before and they always seemed like something too "fancy" for me to make. I gave it a shot and made some chocolate chip scones. I ate one and I didn't think they were sweet enough. I guess scones aren't supposed to be super sweet?That's fine with me, but if I'm not going to add anymore sugar, then I think next time I will dial down the baking powder a little bit. I think it tends to make things taste a little bitter to me.

Anyway.... here's my scones. I added a little chocolate on top for a little extra sweetness and some decoration:


Jessica said...

Sometimes something good for the soul is better than something "healthy". Everything is healthy in balance and in moderation!

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome! I've never had a scone before. I've obviously never made them and it wasn't something my mother/grandmother ever baked. We're more of a cookie/muffin/brownie family.

Scones are too fancy. ;-)