Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pushing through....

So, let's start with my weekend. It was hard to eat below 1500 calories per day... as usual. I tried to keep it under control. However, Sunday was really hard since I had dinner at The Boyfriend's parents' house.

Saturday I went shopping for bridesmaid's dresses with my friend, Tonja. When it came time to get measured and order them, the saleswoman measured me as a 16! Yay! This also meant that I had narrowly avoided having to pay the "plus size fee" that starts with size 18 dresses. That would have costed me an extra $30 had I had to get the size 18. The 16 will be a little snug right now, but by the wedding I should be down to about a 14, so then I'll just have to get the dress taken in some. I've never not had to pay the extra money for plus size dresses. This is a first... and super exciting!

I weighed myself early (when I've been trying to wait until Friday) and somehow it says I've gained a pound, which I know can't be right. Even on the days that I cheat, I still don't go over what it would take to just maintain my weight and I've been below 1500 calories everyday this week. I'm hoping it's water weight. I've recently started taking birth control pills and I think they may be causing me to retain some extra water. Hopefully it will disappear by the Friday 20/20 Challenge weigh-in.

On Monday I went to a Zumba class with my friends Anna, Tonja, and Jason. I was a little nervous as I'm not a super coordinated person and it's kind of like a latin cardio dance class. It didn't turn out nearly as bad as I thought. I was able to catch on pretty quickly. I may not do the moves with "flair" but I at least get the technical aspects down and complete them. It is QUITE the workout. It felt awesome! And it was fun. That 45 minute workout just flew by. If you want to find a class in your area, you can check the Zumba website.

I'm pretty sure that what's going on in my shins is most likely shin splints. They are not fun. So, I've been trying to only exercise every other day until they get stronger and heal. So, I haven't ran since Saturday. I'm doing my c25k Week 2: Workout 1 tonight. It'll be interesting to see how tough it is. I'm really starting to enjoy running though! If you are super new to running (like me), I would recommend reading the "Complete Book of Women's Running". I got it on used for like $8. I like to read books on new hobbies, things in my life, etc. I'm a nerd. :-)