Friday, March 27, 2009

20/20 Challenge: Week 1 Results

So, this week was pretty productive. I started the c25k program with my friends, Anna and Tonja. Which turned out to be harder than I thought. The first time I tried running on the treadmill at the gym (previously I had been trying to run outside) I think I tried to run too fast. So, on Thursday (after letting the muscle I pulled on Tuesday heal some) I took it down a notch and ran slower. I finished the whole session: 5 minutes of walking for a warm up. Then 20 minutes of alternating between 60 seconds running, then 90 seconds walking. I even did a little extra at the end on Thursday since I had to quit early on Tuesday because of my pulled muscle.
Turns out that running is much harder than I thought. I knew it would be rough, but geesh! About half way through my Week 1, Workout 2 I wanted to quit. But here is where they get ya.... It seems like the longest 60 seconds of your life when you are running and see those seconds slowly ticking by on the treadmill. But then it's over and you have 90 seconds of walking. Somehow, by the time those 90 seconds are almost up, you start to feel like "Yeah, I could probably run another minute." And that's the trick to it... just keep on pushing and somehow you always feel like you have another minute of running left in you. Running a 5k still seems impossible though, but I'm not giving up. It makes me feel sad to know that my heart and body are in such poor shape. But that's just even more motivation to exercise and eat healthy.

For food this week I did pretty spectacular, I think. Most days I was at or below 1400 calories. I like to think of myself as the queen of convenient and healthy dinners. I am by no means a gourmet cook, so they may not be the fanciest or best tasting meals, but they are pretty good... especially for during the week when I have no motivation to cook and used to just eat Lean Cuisines all the time. But now I am trying to eat foods that are fresher and have less preservatives (supposedly to help control my uterine tumor).

Some of you may not really care for this info, but then again it may spark dinner ideas for others so I'm going to include a list of my dinners:
Tuesday we had breakfast for dinner: Turkey sausage, whole wheat toast, whole wheat waffles, egg beaters with some fat free cheddar cheese. It was tasty.

Wednesday we had: grilled chicken breast with steamed rice and veggies.
Thursday we had: Side salads followed by whole wheat pasta with 1/2 cup garden vegetable marinara sauce, and these cute little crunchy breadsticks that are in the salad aisle at the grocery store. Only 60 calories in 3 of them. This is my boyfriend's plate. He had cheese, I did not. He's trying to lose some weight also, but he's allowed more calories than I am.

Not sure what I'll put on the menu for tonight, but I'm thinking probably grilled cheese (with low fat cheese) and soup.

Anyway... on to the results:I weighed in this morning and I've lost 2.8 pounds this week! Yay! I'm sure I could have worked a little harder to get 3 pounds even, but I think I did pretty freaking awesome this week.
Let's just hope I can make it through the weekend, that's always the toughest in terms of willpower to eat right and exercise. And I have dinner with The Boyfriend's parents on Sunday and I know they aren't going to make anything really healthy so I guess I'll just have to work out extra that day.

The BFF, Anna, said something about make a goals chart with dates/events and how much weight she would like to lose by that point. So, I thought I'd make one too. I already had one in my head, but I put it in writing now. I think I can acheive these goals. I've already surpassed the one for April 1st. Yay! I tried to add the chart on here, but it looked too blurry and you couldn't read it. So, I posted it at the very bottom of my blog page (if you scroll all the way down), even though it's still kind of blurry there.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


Stormy Vawn Bradley said...

You strong start is setting the foundation for future success.
You did awesome.
I like your goals chart.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! You did great!