Wednesday, April 1, 2009

C25K Week 2: Workout 1 Update

Just got home from the gym from doing my C25K Week 2: Workout 1. I was soooooo tired today and I hadn't ran since Saturday, so I was a little scared. In week 2 you are running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. You alternate and do that for 20 minutes. And........ it wasn't that tough, surprisingly! I'm not saying it was a walk in the park, but I finished it with no problem. I felt that I could probably have ran longer than 90 seconds or sometimes waited less than 2 minutes.... but decided not to push it. After all, the c25k people made that schedule for a reason. And with my recent injuries, I need to not push myself too hard. I had learned some special stretches that are supposed to loosen up your shins and prevent/help shin splints. So, I did those yesterday, today at my desk while at work, and then right before my work out. The shin pain did decrease. It's not completely gone, but it wasn't too bad until near the end of the work out. There is still a decent amount of pain for about 10 minutes after my work out.... but at least it seems to be getting better. Time to go put ice on my shins!

P.S. - I love running! Yay! I always feel so spectacular and accomplished afterward!