Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Myomectomy: Day 15

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since my myomectomy surgery. So far, so good. Still not 100%, but at least I can do things for myself now (for the most part). Still a few more weeks of recovery.

The worst part is that sitting at home and being bored just makes me want to eat. I really wish that I could work out, but I'm not allowed to very many activities during this recovery time, so that's kind of difficult. Boo. I have to get back on the healthy eating/exercising track. Especially since we are getting married next year. I would like to be thinner for my wedding photos.

Speaking of wedding stuff... I decided since a lot of people who read this blog (if anybody still reads it) probably don't care much about wedding stuff. So I'm going to try to keep it separate (though it may still creep in from time to time, sorry) and started a separate wedding blog.

In case anybody is interested in that one though.... It's here: Bridezilla on a Budget.