Monday, February 8, 2010

Myomectomy: Day 20

Well, it's now been about 20 days since I had my myomectomy. Still recovering. Some days I feel almost like new... and then the next day it'll be like 2 steps backward. Those days suck. I get tired quickly, I hurt, and just generally feel gross. My incision is about 7-8 inches long and itches like crazy, and I'm having lots of girly problems and that's no fun at all either.

I can't wait to be able to exercise again. I really miss it. I've been eating like crap... ABSOLUTE crap! And since I'm not allowed to exercise, that's not a good situation for me. The only positive thing about going to back to work soon is that it should be easier to get a handle on my healthy eating again since I'll be back to my routine.

The batteries in my scale have died and I haven't picked up any new ones yet, so I actually have no idea what I'm up to now but I'm willing to bet it's at least like 215 or 220. Darn it all!

Gotta make a change.