Monday, January 25, 2010

Myomectomy: Day 7

I'm about to complain, but before I do I'd just like to say... Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for a lot of things. I'm very thankful that my surgery went well and I didn't die. I'm thankful that I have my uterus still. I'm thankful that I have health insurance and was able to have this surgery. I'm thankful for my BFF, Anna.... who really showed me how much she cared about me and took great care of me and has been SO sweet to me. I'm thankful for my sister.... who is able to commiserate with me and keep me company sometimes. I'm thankful for my fiance who makes me food, brings me drinks, goes to the store for me, slept at the hospital with me, and still loves me despite how gross I've looked and been lately and despite how moody I've been since the surgery. (And they say that a lot of women are emotional after they have myomectomies.... Well, there may be something to that theory since today I tend to cry a lot.)

That being said.... things still suck lately.

~I'm sick of being stuck in the apartment and not being able to leave because I can still barely walk.
~I'm sick of being exhausted after just walking around the apartment for a minute.
~I'm sick of not being able to take a regular shower, since I can't bend and move the way I normally would.
~I'm sick of having to lower myself slowly onto the toilet when I have to pee. And then it takes me like 5 minutes to pee because I have to let it drip out since I can't use my ab muscles to push it out. (Yes, this is probably more than you wanted to know)
~I'm sick of my stomach looking like I'm 5 months pregnant because it's so swollen. I definitely couldn't fit any of my regular clothes. I haven't worn pants (except for small periods of time when people come to visit and I feel like I have to put some pajama pants on) in a week.
~I'm sick of my butt going numb from laying on it all the time.
~I'm sick of my abdomen still being completely numb from the surgery.
~I'm sick of the pain.
~I'm sick of not having fresh air.
~I'm sick of not being able to do things for myself.

I know.... that's a lot (even though it's not all of it). I'm just feeling aggravated and emotional right now. I've watched all the TV I can handle for the most part. I just want to get up and be normal again. I want to be able to spend time with my fiance and my friends.... besides just sitting with them in my bedroom (or on the couch) until I'm tired and have to go to sleep.

Still.... I'm grateful.

I know that I am blessed and that this too shall pass.


Mrs B. said...

I'm sorry this part sucks so badly! I wish I lived closer so that I could come hang with you more often! Then you could complain that you're sick of ME! :)

Are there any online games that you like that might help you pass some time? On FB, I'm a fan of MindJolt games, and they have a ton of fun things to play - Rockem Blocks is my favorite. And search online to find Cradle of Rome, maybe? I love that game, too. (It's like bejeweled, sort of, but you start a little empire with people after every level. It's fun!)

Other than that, I understand that this part sucks, and that it sucks that you'll be doing it for a few more weeks. Let me know if I can do anything to help!

Evelev said...

I had a myomectomy 10 days ago and while I'm feeling way better now, my first few days were much like yours. Everyone kept telling me how fast the recovery would be, so I kind of expected to be instantly better the day after surgery. Obviously, it didn't happen that way.

Thanks for writing this post. It's nice to know my experience wasn't abnormal.