Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting (and trying to stay) Back on the Wagon.

Well, last friday I lost 2.4 pounds (220.8). Yay me! Didn't post the week before that either, but I lost 2 pounds that week. The sad part is that even with losing almost 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks... I still don't feel accomplished because I had gained like 5 pounds the week before that. Yup... in one week! Ridiculous! I believe it was because of a new birth control pill I was taking. I was working so hard the weeks before that and was only losing like 0.2 pounds. It was frustrating and that last week I barely exercised and went over my calories.... and the result was a 5.2 gain? No way. I know it wasn't mathematically possible. I'd would have to eat like 4500 calories every day for a week, and I know I didn't. So... I finally decided it was that pill and stopped taking it. The first 2 weeks off that pill and I have almost lost the weight that I gained on it. And I believe that last year when I was working really hard and only losing like 0.4 pounds each week... was also the time that the doctor tried to put me on that same brand of pill. So... at least now I know that one is DEFINITELY not for me.

So, anyway... moving on. Looking forward to being back on track. I really have to stick with it this time. I want to finally feel better about myself and I want to look GREAT in my wedding dress next year! 2007 was my highest weight... 257 pounds. I have fluctuated a lot over the last 2 and half years or so, but at least I never got back up to that. I think my highest since then has been 231. Not great, but at least I did manage to keep some weight off overall. I gained 11 pounds after my surgery in January this year, so that sucked. But, now I really want to get everything off... and hope to be down to about 165 around my wedding. My fiance is also trying to lose some weight. He's having a harder time with it than I am right now (though for some reason this week has been a REAL struggle for me). When he actually sticks with it, he loses big numbers each week. However, sticking with it and counting his calories and working out are all things he doesn't like do (but then again, who does?) Hopefully we can do it together and motivate each other. I want us to be one good looking, healthy pair in our wedding pictures! And I want us to be healthy active parents when we have children.

In other news: I start C25K again this weekend. I'm scared! I never finished it last time I started... I made it to about week 5 and couldn't get past that. I had hoped to be a little lighter when I started this time, but obviously that didn't work out. Oh, well. We are doing another 5K in June this year (same one we did in June of last year) and I hope to be able to beat my time by a few minutes, and be able to run most of it. Anybody else out there actually finished C25K? Any girls that are still chubby? Sometimes I feel like I will never be able to finish it until I'm thinner because it's hard carrying around this extra weight and trying to run. It really kills my knees and feet. I'm plan to run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays typically. I really hope I can stick to that schedule most of time though. I'm also hoping that by me keeping a schedule and losing weight that it'll motivate the fiance to keep a running schedule. He wants to take the physical test for a local police department in May or June, so he needs to make sure he can pass it.

All in all... I'm pretty optimistic about things. I have about a year and seven months until our wedding, so that's plenty of time to get myself in shape. I also hope to spend this years birthday (28! Dang, I'm getting old!) under 200 pounds. Gotta do it!

I don't think many people even still read my blog, since I don't post regularly and I don't post many interesting things... but here's hoping that at least a couple of people get something out of it. I miss the days where I used to blog and feel excited about it. I think it made me feel more accountable for my actions and motivated me more.

Have a great rest of the week!