Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I missed sweating.

Did 30 minutes on our new elliptical tonight. It was a little tough. Obviously my machine is different from the ones at the gym, and I also haven't worked out in months. I was given the ok to do moderate exercise 6 weeks after surgery, which was yesterday. It was tough but it felt really good to break a sweat. It kinda made my incision site burn a little, but it was my first attempt so I'm sure things will improve.

The elliptical we purchased was pre-owned, but in the user settings you can check how many hours it has been used and so I found out that it had only been used 5 hours! It's practically brand new! We got it for $350, which is like half the price of buying a brand new one from the store.   It's the Nordic Track E7SV. So far I have nothing but good things to say about it. I enjoy having something at home that I can do anytime I want.

Hopefully this will be even more motivation to keep healthy, exercise regularly, and reach my goal weight by my wedding in 2011.