Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Love Hurts, but it's a good hurt... and it feels like I'm alive.

First blog... lots of pressure. So I decided to follow in the footsteps of my always creative BFF (whose blog is "Breaking up with Burgers") and title it with song lyrics. Besides, music always seems to express what I am feeling much more eloquently than I can.

Introductions (They will come in handy later):

BFF #1: Anna- a.k.a. Anna-Banana. Recently married (I was the maid-of-honor). We've known each other for like 13 years or something. We're "peas in an overly analytical pod".

BFF #2: Tonja- a.k.a. Tanja. We met at work and have worked together for about 3 years now. She is getting married in September (I'm the maid-of-honor at that one too). We are less "alike" but seem to compliment each other in the ways that we differ.

My sister: Sarah-a.k.a Puddy. She's really like a best friend too now that she's gotten older. She's almost 8 years younger than me. We are finally getting to act like sisters instead of the mother/daughter thing we had going on before that. She's the silliest, greatest kid I know!

The boyfriend: Alex- a.k.a "I can't believe I am lucky enough to have this guy!" I have been though some seriously bad guys.... and I mean SERIOUSLY BAD. Not that it was all their fault. I let them get to me. But this guy... he's so different. He's spectacular... which, of course, scared the crap out of me! (More on that later).

Me: a.k.a. Samantha (Sam). I'm 26, living in a one bedroom apartment with my 2 cats, Daisy and Dexter. Work my little office job (which really gets to me sometimes). I'm pretty random sometimes. I guess you could say I'm opinionated, but not overbearing. I tend to get worked up easily over things... but I just like to call it "passionate". I'm sure you'll figure that all out as we go along.

Reason for the blogging:
Really, I don't know. Because Anna has a blog? Because I read other people's on here all the time? Because I like to write? I have issues.... don't we all? However, I feel like I have reached that point where I finally want to stop complaining about it all and start fixing it.

~I want to get my finances sorted out (damn student loans and credit cards!).
~I want my house and life to become organized.
~I want to actually make a doctor's appointment and stop being so afraid of them.
~I want to lose the weight... finally! I did lose about 35 pounds last year, but it was a very sloooooow process and I'd still like to lose at least 60 more.

It just feels like it's time to start saving myself from.... well, from myself. I need to do it before things get too out of hand. I seem to have a self-destructive thing happening sometimes. And I know that nobody else can do the work for me.... I have to do it myself.

Well... that ought to get the ball rolling and set the stage. Hopefully I won't bore people (if people even read this). I post blogs sometimes on myspace, and they seem to at least get some laughs out of people.... so I'm hopeful.

Peace Out! (Yes, I say that a lot. But not in a "I'm trying to be cool" kinda way.... more in a "yes, I'm a nerdy white girl who thinks it's funny to say" kinda way.)


Mrs B. said...

Loooove Yooooou!